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About Me

A contemporary soul singer born with smooth yet full-bodied vocals, Michael Stewart has grown into an artist that has the ability to convey dynamic and heartfelt passion to even his most tranquil recordings. Even as a child, Michael had an ear and enthusiasm for music. Maybe that’s because he grew up in a family where music was second natured, or maybe it was because he was born with a gift, a gift to make music. Whatever the reason, Michael Stewart has such a zeal for his craft that with every song he sings, his soulful voice, his ingenuous lyrics, and the music are married and have become one. Trust me; he’s not your typical R & B cat.

Having a strong church affiliation, he not only sang in the choir but he played the guitar for his youth ministry on Sunday mornings. His calling to the music scene manifested itself when, during his teenage years, he invested in some turntables hoping to fulfill his then dream of becoming a DJ. Once he realized that his creative mixes kept the dance floor moving like a bunch of fire ants on a dirt mound that was stepped on, he knew he was onto something and realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg. After reaching the level of success he hoped for as a well known DJ in Bronx, NY, he decided it was time to trade in his turntables for a guitar, a keyboard, and a drum machine and, can we say the rest is history.

By the time he was 16; Michael had not only formed a band and began performing his original music at local venues, he also sharpened his talent as a producer by producing local acts. The success that he has achieved as a producer and songwriter, afforded him an opportunity to open for Avant and gave him a chance to produce remixes for the likes of Amel Larrieux, formally of Groove Theory, Chico DeBarge, and Rahsaan Patterson just to name a few. To this day, Michael attributes being a DJ to his success and as he so eloquently puts it, “Being a DJ is the very thing that helped prepare me for my flourishing music career as a songwriter, arranger, multi-talented musician, producer, and performer”.

So you say, what makes this cat stand out above the rest? Maybe it’s his ear for putting together torching beats that resonate through your mind, body, and soul like a cold chill. Or, how about his innate ability to generate lyrics, that once heard, touch your heart and renew your outlook on love. These things put together, makes for a well rounded music mogul on his way to the top, wouldn’t you say? Be on the look out for Michael’s upcoming album “Where I’m Going..” scheduled to release late this summer. This album demonstrates why love music will never go out of style. It’s feel good music at its best. For those of you who don’t know, better find out.







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